Have you ever wondered what stands
between you and your goals?

If you can’t put your finger on it, “it’s nothing besides the lack of your own efforts”.

Yes, if you feel like you could accomplish a lot, or a more active body, not much ha. Do you know why we say this?

Over the past few decades, food has changed its status from being “a requirement” to being “a source of entertainment”. Yes, when people think of food today, they can only think of eating food which is more fun. This has caused a hike in the consumption of comfort-food, while the concept of having vitamins and minerals has died in the process.

This is a primary reason of why many still in their young age, have started to lose hair or have wrinkly skin. But these are only two minor problems, from a number of diseases that can erupt as a cause of vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Woolsy Corporation Limited takes up the responsibility to serve our consumers with the best mineral and vitamin complexes, extracted from the most exotic plants and other natural sources worldwide.

From a routine course of these supplements, consumers will experience an upturn and improvement in their day-to-day lifestyle.

About Us

Woolsy Corporation Limited is a natural Supplements provider. Through the regular consumption of essential nutrition, Woolsy aims to improve its consumers’ lifestyles.


Woolsy Corporation Limited was founded with the goal of catering to those, who fail to consume proper nutrition day in and day out. People who realize that their life is not as perfect as a few others whom they envy. This is majorly because of the ill maintenance of bodily systems. Woolsy Corporation Limited aims to help these people recover all the essential vitamins and minerals one day at a time.


A long term dosage of our four supplement-complexes will allow a steady and guaranteed improvement in their respective purpose.

We came in the market as a unique and effective alternative for unnatural energy remedies. We had already noticed that many people in the market wanted to replace cosmetics and energy drinks with natural remedies but didn’t have time for them.

Our Products

Woolsy Corporation Limited brings to you, its exotic ingredients in 2 organic formulas.


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Krill Oil

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